South Carolina in the national spotlight

By Richard Eckstrom S.C. Comptroller South Carolina has had a remarkable presence in the national spotlight lately: * For a few months, the national titles in three major college sports belonged to S.C. teams – [...]

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The ICEE story

Along about 1955-56, four little kids growing up in Columbia never knew that someday instead of playing with dolls and small play cars, they would be playing on a Gym Dandy swing set of their [...]

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State a leader for the country

OpinionBy Representative Nathan Ballentine Every day in South Carolina parents hear the dreaded words from the doctor: “Your child has autism.” That moment changes their lives forever.In March 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

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How did our discourse become so uncivil?

By Dan Eckstrom   The months following the presidential campaign haven’t been our finest moment. A couple of recent events encapsulate the state of today’s politics: In early March, protestors tried to stop a libertarian [...]

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Football player doesn’t appreciate his blessings

  Dear Editor, The professional football player who recently refused to stand for the National Anthem stirred strong feelings in many Americans -- although probably not the feelings he intended. His refusal to stand during [...]

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Bolen an easy choice for Register of Deeds

As a candidate for Lexington County Register of Deeds, I focused on protecting the taxpayer’s identity, protecting their deeds and protecting their money. Unfortunately, while I did get a significant portion of the vote, my [...]

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Anybody But Dino

Dear Friends, I hope you will forgive my intrusion, but I feel compelled to reach out to share a recent experience I had and to ask you to avoid supporting one of the candidates for [...]

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Dino Best Choice for County Council

As a longtime Chapin resident, I am ready for change on County Council and I am voting for Dino to be our new County Councilman. We have too many political insiders working with special interests [...]

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Lexington County is working to maintain quality of life

Opinion   I have been proud to serve the Irmo/St. Andrews/Seven Oaks community on County Council for two years. I can assure you the work has been significant. I am very proud of what we [...]

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Joe Wilson opinion

Opinion   This is it?   Congressman Joe Wilson   Last month, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) testified that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) will likely attempt terrorist [...]

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