It’s time to set higher standard for our politicians

By Billy Oswald South Carolina suffers from a case of low standards. Oh, I’m not talking about the people. South Carolinians are among the most decent, honest, hard-working people you’ll find anywhere. Rather, it’s our [...]

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FairTax could end the IRS

Open Letter Dear Editor, I read with great interest our Comptroller's article, "What to ask when politicians eye your wallet." I have long been an advocate of the FairTax (www.fairtax.org) in order to overturn the [...]

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Formidable challenges call for civil debate

Opinion   By Dan Eckstrom From a repulsive photo shoot depicting a “comedian” holding the president’s decapitated head, to a congressional candidate body-slamming a reporter and the belligerent behavior at town hall events [...]

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South Carolina in the national spotlight

By Richard Eckstrom S.C. Comptroller South Carolina has had a remarkable presence in the national spotlight lately: * For a few months, the national titles in three major college sports belonged to S.C. teams – [...]

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The ICEE story

Along about 1955-56, four little kids growing up in Columbia never knew that someday instead of playing with dolls and small play cars, they would be playing on a Gym Dandy swing set of their [...]

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State a leader for the country

OpinionBy Representative Nathan Ballentine Every day in South Carolina parents hear the dreaded words from the doctor: “Your child has autism.” That moment changes their lives forever.In March 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

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How did our discourse become so uncivil?

By Dan Eckstrom   The months following the presidential campaign haven’t been our finest moment. A couple of recent events encapsulate the state of today’s politics: In early March, protestors tried to stop a libertarian [...]

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Football player doesn’t appreciate his blessings

  Dear Editor, The professional football player who recently refused to stand for the National Anthem stirred strong feelings in many Americans -- although probably not the feelings he intended. His refusal to stand during [...]

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Bolen an easy choice for Register of Deeds

As a candidate for Lexington County Register of Deeds, I focused on protecting the taxpayer’s identity, protecting their deeds and protecting their money. Unfortunately, while I did get a significant portion of the vote, my [...]

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Anybody But Dino

Dear Friends, I hope you will forgive my intrusion, but I feel compelled to reach out to share a recent experience I had and to ask you to avoid supporting one of the candidates for [...]

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