Hattie’s View
by Ellen Coffey

Hubby Ben and I first learned of fake news while living in Germany (Courtesy of Uncle Sam). We discovered there was no free press in East Germany. The government controlled all news media.

We could have been arrested if caught but we managed to smuggle free press news and magazines into East Berlin by hiding them in a false bottom of my handbag. Dumb huh?

Years later we find we are experiencing fake news in America.

It appears many networks wicker the news by twisting threads of truths, publishing some fake leaks hope to win fame and fortune by breaking a huge story.

What if all participants were afflicted by the fate of Pinocchio? What if God, like Mr Geppeto, decided to grow some noses today?

We then might really see the extent of the fabrication and complete disrespect for the first amendment by those who are supposed to speak or print the facts.

I have a question: Have evil aliens embedded our NewsMedia? (Kidding of course)

My Grandma Hattie taught us that “News comes on horseback while the truth rides the turtle’s back, there is no substitute for the truth.” She would tremble standing in the presence of God Almighty knowing her descendants were a part of this huge disregard for truth.

Propaganda is also twisted wicker information, or intentional misinformation revealed as truth. It’s sole purpose is to mislead folks and cause fear. Who remembers the attractive English speaking radio personality from WWII known as Tokyo Rose? She broadcast fake news throughout the South Pacific to lower military moral and spread fear.

Many Christians refer to ‘F E A R ’ as false-evidence-appearing-real..

All nations of the world participate in the practice of spreading fear through propaganda.

Today’s instant tweets make it easy to pass on fake news in real time.

Kudos to those folks who know the truth, live by truth, who show up to help those strangers by fighting forest fires or to help hurting hurricane victims or those caught in terrorists attracts. God bless ‘em all.

How about all those in uniform who risk everything in order to fight evil in its many forms, (including those who create ‘fake news’)

Let’s start to search for the truth Y’all!

PS: Next week we’ll reveal how fake news existed in in the Bible and what they did about it. PS 2: Go Cocks.

What am I saying? Truth is no longer relevant. Just be the first reporter to get the photo or headline.