The Leadership Lexington County Class of 2017 is hosting two fundraisers this month to raise money for the Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter.

In January 2017, the class voted to begin a project to upgrade the shelter’s storage capacity and backyard. In order to begin construction and complete the project, Leadership Lexington is collecting donations.

The class will have a table set up at the June 9 Lexington County Blowfish game. There, people can learn about the cause, donate money or materials, volunteer to help and get a special ticket that allows them to help on another date.

The ticket allows anyone who eats at the Lexington Buffalo Wild Wings from 11 am – 11 pm June 22 to donate 10 percent of their bill to the cause.

Those interested can donate in the following ways:

Leadership Lexington County

First Community Bank

Lexington Branch

Attn: Alex Huggins

5455 Sunset Blvd.

Lexington, SC 29072

  • Visiting the June 9 and June 22 fundraisers


LLC ‘17 plans to host more fundraisers. The class will promote all events through its Facebook page.