Columbia Chamber creates playbook for businesses reopening

As the business community is starting to plan for reopening and determining what that looks like, the Columbia Chamber has created the reConnect Columbia playbook to help start the process.

“The Chamber has stood for the Midlands business community for almost 118 years and has been a viable resource throughout numerous trials,” said Carl Blackstone, Columbia Chamber President and CEO. “We currently serve over 1,200 Partners in the private, public, and government sectors who all need some sort of guidance through this time. This playbook will help start the conversation of determining what needs to take place before opening for customers and employees to both feel safe.”

The reConnect Columbia playbook is meant to serve as a start to the conversation of returning more employees and business to work. It is by no means a static document nor a prescriptive set of answers or solutions. It is a working document to catalyze a discussion; a plan that should and will continue to be modified as new details, viewpoints, and suggestions emerge. 

Find the reConnect Columbia playbook at