A contract administrative employee who works in the Lexington County Detention Center’s health care clinic has tested positive for the coronavirus.

“She received the positive test result yesterday and is resting comfortably at home as she recovers,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “She was last in the detention center April 30 and developed symptoms last weekend.”

The contractor never interacts with inmates and has very limited contact with correctional officers or detention center staff, according to Koon. The contractor’s work area within the detention center’s health care clinic has been thoroughly cleaned.

“Temperature checkpoints are still in place to take the temperature of each employee and contractor at the start of every shift,” Koon said. “These measures have been in place since March and have greatly reduced the spread of infection as this is the first person associated with the detention center to test positive.”

A Lexington County patrol deputy tested positive for COVID-19 April 3, Koon previously announced. The deputy has since recovered and returned to duty.