Ott Declares Candidacy for Senate Seat

A Dedicated Farmer and Businessman Pledges to Serve as a Workhorse, not a Show Horse

In a significant announcement surrounded by family, friends, and supporters, Russell Ott, a lifelong South Carolinian and State Representative, officially launched his campaign for the State Senate District 26 seat. This district encompasses portions of Calhoun, Lexington, and Richland Counties, currently represented by the retiring State Senator Nikki Setzler, who has served for an impressive 47 years.

The campaign declaration unfolded at noon at the South Carolina Statehouse, where Ott has been the State Representative for Calhoun, Orangeburg, and Lexington Counties since 2013.

Ott passionately stated, “I will champion the issues that matter most to District 26 residents: a government working for, not against you; a robust economy; well-paying jobs; safer streets; support for public education, and essential upgrades to our roads and infrastructure. As a farmer and public servant, I am committed to crafting common-sense policy solutions that address the growing cost of living for ordinary South Carolinians, emphasizing government reform and enhanced transparency to ensure more money stays in your pockets.”