Upgrades to West Columbia parks – An investment in the community

The City of West Columbia has announced that upgrades are underway at the B Avenue Ball Field and Butler Park.

Both parks will get new fencing and new restroom facilities. A pickleball court will be added on B Avenue. In addition to new buildings at the parks, older buildings will be demolished.

“For years our goal has been to improve the livability and enjoyment for the people of West Columbia and the people who come here to visit with good parks,” said Mayor Tem Miles.
Miles also said that the parks are managed by the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission.

“So it was a priority of council’s to work with the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission to update these two parks. Generations of West Columbia residents have enjoyed these parks for years. With the upgrades we want to make sure the parks will continue to be used for generations to come.
Miles sees first-hand the value of the parks.

I was at the Butler Park on Tuesday and the West Columbia Tigers youth football team was there practicing. There were 60-to-70 youth football players participating in organized football on the field there.”

Miles said the park on B Avenue also has facilities that kids and young adults use to play baseball, football and soccer.

“The B Avenue park is a very heavily utilized park,” Miles said. “Investment in our parks is important.”
Miles also said there will be an on-going effort to improve all West Columbia parks in line with the City-wide redevelopment plan.

“All Improvements we make will bring more visitors to West Columbia and more people will come and support our local restaurants and businesses,” he said.

Below is a list of the changes that are being made at the parks

B Avenue Ball Field:

  • Replace the existing fencing (start & completion in September)
  • Remove the press box on the baseball field
  • Remove the canteen building
  • Remove the batting cages
  • Demo and construct a new restroom facility
  • Renovate the football press box if possible, if not will demo
  • Construct two pickleball courts on the concrete pad

Butler Park:

  • Replace the existing fencing (Start & Completion in Sept/Oct)
  • Repaint/Restripe basketball courts (completed)
  • Demo the canteen/restroom building
  • Construct a new restroom facility
  • Construct two picnic shelters (one may be attached to the new restroom)

West Columbia Public Parks

  • B Avenue Ball Park – 815 B Avenue (Baseball, Football, Restrooms)
  • Carraway Park at the Riverwalk – A Place for All Children to Play Together – 212 Hudson Street (Restrooms, Covered Picnic Tables (First Come, First Serve), All-Inclusive Playground
  • Douglas Reeves Community Park – 761 Augusta Street (Tennis, Playground, Restrooms, Bicycle Repair Station, FREE Public Wi-Fi)
  • Rosamunda Percell-Butler Community Park – 1100 Raleigh Street (Basketball, Playground, Picnic Shelter, FREE Public Wi-Fi)
  • Fowler Community Park – 1800 C Avenue (Playground, Picnic Shelter)
  • TriCity Leisure Center
  • Howard Sports Complex
  • Interactive Art Park – 425 Meeting Street (Interactive Art Sculptures, FREE Public Wi-Fi, Parking, Electric Car Charging Stations)
  • Moffatt Street Entrance to the Riverwalk – 100 Riverside Drive, West Columbia (Bicycle Repair Station, FREE Public Wi-Fi)
  • West Columbia Riverwalk Park and Amphitheater – 109 Alexander Road, West Columbia (Bicycle Repair Station, Restrooms, FREE Public Wi-Fi)