Award winning documentarian filming in Columbia

Nicole Amelio-Casper, award-winning Documentarian and S’Alfrico Watson Grant, award
winning cinematographer were on location, September 18 th and 19th at Celebration Freedom Foundation and Black Rooster Restaurant in Columbia, SC filming a new documentary entitled “Hidden Wounds.”

Hidden Wounds will tell the raw story of the “military experience” downrange, the dynamic
while deployed, the pivotal moments when they return home, and ultimately how they navigate the rough terrain in the community and most significantly, at home with their loved ones.      

Nicole Amelio-Casper stated, “We will tell the raw story of Combat Veterans, and their families to address the national tragedy of Veteran suicide and PTSD. We will ask the tough questions; how they cope with a “new normal” after multiple deployments, how they maintain emotional healthy relationships with fellow Veterans as well as their “tribe.” Further, we will talk to surviving family members, and what they’ve done to honor their family members’ memory.”

Another element of this documentary will highlight grassroots organizations supporting
Veterans, most notably, Hidden Wounds, Project Josiah and Celebrate Freedom Foundation in
Columbia, South Carolina.  Nicole and her film Crew will return in 2021 to film several
segments of the documentary.

Lastly, in the midst of a Pandemic and ostensibly unprecedented times, we will touch upon what challenges they face currently as they meet Veterans needs in their community and beyond the perimeter of Columbia, South Carolina.

“We aim to make an impact – to inform and shed light on this critical issue haunting us for many decades. We all need to rise to the occasion and support our military when they return home, strengthen their families, and empower our Veterans steadfastly, no matter what it takes, no matter what the cost – they all deserve to live free from emotional wounds – hidden wounds that can only be healed with paths to healing unique to each hero. We hope this Documentary will accomplish this.” -Nicole Amelio-Casper

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