Hattie’s View: Kitchen table politics

By Ellen Coffey

Kitchen table politicians are like Monday morning quarterbacks.

“We call it like we see it.”

Come join me at my table. 

Have you heard?

The state of Louisiana is placing mandatory “In God We Trust” plaques in every public School?

It’s been on our coin money since 1864. 

But, on July 30, 1956, the 84th congress, in a joint resolution, passed a law, approved by then POTUS Dwight D Eisenhower, requiring the words “In God We Trust” be minted and printed on all US money.

Louisiana wants those same words posted back in all public schools.

Louisiana is also adding American flag studies to its school curriculums.

Whoo Hooo. American flag history? Great idea.

I recall flags flying everywhere during the dark days of WWII.

Our flag symbolizes those who fight and die for our nation’s freedoms. We were fighting evils of the world’s worst sort.

I remember my Grandma Hattie calming my childhood fears as she showed me a coin with the words “In God we trust.”

“Who put that there there?” I asked.

“Our government officials,” she said. “During, four dark and bloody years of civil war, millions of American lives were lost fighting, defending personal and political differences. We were at war with each other. Our country was split.” 

Grandma Hattie, who was born in 1886, knew a thing or two about those horrible times. 

Her parents and Grandparents were living witnesses of those terrible days.

How could we begin to merge our national differences to become one strong and United Nation fighting evil forces and defending our country together? Hmmm?

In 1864, when religious sentiment was at an all time high, (as it was after our 911 attacks) the decision was made to mint a 2 cent coin (with hopes every American would be encouraged) adding the words “In God We Trust.”

As for our flag:

Today our flag is still a symbol of freedom all over the world.

Today we are fighting many evil forces in the homeland. 

There are those who were born here and yet know so little American history. 

How can that be?

Do we no longer teach American History? What about the flag?

How can those born free citizens disrespect our flag?

History of former wars, conflicts, our money and our flag should be discussed at home, in church and taught again in our public schools.

That’s what’s being said at my kitchen table these days, Y’all.