I see Him everyday

By Ellen Coffey

I see Him. I see Him everyday. Positive results of Gods creative hands.

Like love notes, God sends messages of mystery, beauty and care in nature, in everyday things and normal people.

Simple things: distinct scents and sounds, sweet song birds, chirping crickets, night sounds of owls and Bull frogs. Reminders he’s thinking of you.

I see him after serious storms. The rainbows shout “God’s got this.”

I see God in the Seagulls soaring, above changing tides, and assorted sea shells displayed in the pure white sands along the shore. I see him when fish jump in lakes, sending tiny ripples along the water’s surface.

I see God in white puffy clouds in a bright blue sky and it’s mirrored reflection over the lake.

He’s visible in the beauty of a red cardinal, on a snow covered pine bough or a crow scavenging through garbage for anything that glitters.

I see God in a hard rain falling on a sunny day. God shows up in every sunrise and sunset. I see him in toothless smiles and wagging tails. I see Him in a sleeping baby‘s smile – as if coddled by Angels, and when small yellow buds turn into red tomatoes, hmmm.

I see him at work when brown grass turns green again after a slow summer rain.

Does God have an audible voice? I’m sure he does. But I love the messages he sends, through creation, simultaneously.

I can’t wait to see him in each new tomorrow, y’all.