Lexington Two honors Teachers of the Year

Lexington Two’s top teachers were recognized at a reception in their honor this week.

The 2018-19 Lexington Two Teachers of the Year include an educator who’s been with the district 25 years, and one who arrived just last year. In comments to family, friends, fellow educators and community members gathered at Thursday’s reception, District Teacher of the Year Kim Donovan, a music teacher at Wood Elementary, encouraged her fellow educators to celebrate the “wow” moments.

“Teaching is a matter of perspective, seeing what I call ‘wow moments’ all over our school and district,” Donovan said.  “As teachers, we are agents of the ‘wow factor,’ that moment of insight when the student’s eyes light up. We need to create the environment, recognize the moment of connection, and celebrate with students when it happens.”

Other Lexington Two Teachers of the Year are:


Airport High: Steve Sisk

BC Grammar No. 1 (Now Riverbank): Chelsea Billings

Brookland-Cayce High: Sherry Jackson

Busbee Creative Arts Academy: Beth Brooks

Cayce Elementary:  Kim Addy

Congaree Elementary: Bethany Bastedo

Congaree/Wood Early Childhood Center: Sandy Best

Fulmer Middle: Rachel Wyka

New Bridge Academy: Suzette Brunson

Northside Middle: Anna Hassell

Pine Ridge Middle:  Kari Rikard

Pineview Elementary (Now Riverbank): Melanie Yoder

Saluda River Academy For The Arts: Kayla Jennings

Springdale Elementary: Kandi Grant


Donovan will represent Lexington Two in the SC Teacher of the Year competition. That winner is announced in May.

Lexington Two Teachers of the Year pose during a reception in their honor Thursday. Among them are District Teacher of the Year Kim Donovan (front row, center), along with Steve Sisk (Airport), Sherry Jackson (Brookland-Cayce High), Beth Brooks (Busbee Creative Arts Academy), Kim Addy (Cayce Elementary), Bethany Bastedo (Congaree Elementary), Sandy Best (Congaree/Wood Early Childhood Center), Rachel Wyka (Fulmer Middle), Suzette Brunson (New Bridge Academy), Anna Hassell (Northside Middle), Melanie Yoder (former Pineview Elementary), Kayla Jennings (Saluda River Academy for the Arts) and Kandi Grant (Springdale Elementary). Not pictured: Chelsea Billings (former BC Grammar No. 1) and Kari Rikard (Pine Ridge Middle).



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