Michelin North America, Inc., Pledges $30,000 to Lexington One Educational Foundation to Invest in District’s VEX Robotics Teams

Michelin North America, Inc., based in Lexington, South Carolina, has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting education in the area with a generous pledge of $30,000 to the Lexington County School District One Educational Foundation. This investment will specifically focus on enhancing computer science education at the middle school and high school levels within Lexington District One.

The donation from Michelin will be allocated as $10,000 per year for the next three school years. This funding will directly support the middle school and high school VEX robotics teams in Lexington District One, which currently consists of nine teams. These teams actively participate in VEX robotics competitions at both local and state levels, fostering a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education among students.

Julie Anderson Washburn, Executive Director of the Lexington One Foundation, expressed gratitude for Michelin’s commitment to STEM education. She highlighted how these robotics programs provide students with valuable skills such as computer science, design, coding, and engineering, as well as important soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Washburn emphasized the role of corporate partnerships like Michelin’s in enabling such impactful learning experiences for students in Lexington District One.

Chris Goumas, Site Director of Michelin North America, Inc., Lexington, SC, underscored the company’s decision to support the Educational Foundation and the robotics teams. Goumas emphasized the increasing importance of automation and robotics in today’s world and the necessity of preparing students for future challenges. He expressed excitement about continuing Michelin’s partnership with the Educational Foundation and its contribution to shaping the future workforce.

Michelin’s investments in robotics education in Lexington District One have already yielded significant success over the past few years. Multiple high school robotics teams from the district have excelled in local and state competitions, earning spots in prestigious events like the VEX Worlds Competition. Furthermore, Michelin has provided employment opportunities to former robotics team members, allowing them to apply their skills directly in the workforce.

The Board of Directors of the Lexington One Educational Foundation expressed gratitude for Michelin North America, Inc.’s continued support. They emphasized the importance of corporate partnerships in advancing STEM education and preparing students for diverse career opportunities. Michelin’s commitment exemplifies its dedication to strengthening ties with the community and investing in the future workforce.

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