Mopeds must now be registered

Beginning November 19 moped owners or operators must have their moped registered with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) to drive it legally on any state road. This comes as a result of Act 89 signed into law by Governor Henry McMaster in May 2017. Moped owners may visit any SCDMV branch to register their moped.

“I’m pleased the General Assembly took an appropriate step to hold mopeds accountable on South Carolina’s roads,” said SCDMV Executive Director Kevin Shwedo. “Requiring mopeds to be registered is a good step in making sure everyone who uses the roads of this state, regardless of the type of vehicle they are using, does so responsibly and fully accountable to the driving community.”

Law enforcement officers and other residents will recognize a properly registered moped by the unique, five-digit license plate on the back of the vehicle and the registration decal in the lower right-hand corner, similar to how they identify passenger vehicles as properly registered. Moped operators will also be required to carry a registration card with them when operating the moped.

In addition to having a license plate and proper registration, the minimum age for receiving a moped, or Class G, operator’s license will be 15. Previously, 14-year-olds, with a qualifying adult’s permission, could apply for a moped license.

“Mopeds still do not require insurance nor the payment of property taxes to the county in which the citizen lives,” said SCDMV Director of Vehicle Services Larry Murray. “Customers may also title their moped with the SCDMV if they have proper documentation such as a bill of sale or invoice. If no document exists, the SCDMV will work with the customer to find a serial number on the moped itself and begin a paper trail for that vehicle.”

Titling a moped will cost $15. Registering a moped will cost $10 every two years. Mopeds purchased November 19, 2018 and after are subject to the 5% of sales price, maximum of $500, infrastructure maintenance fee in addition to title and registration fees. As of November 1, customers must visit an SCDMV branch and pay the proper fees to register their moped by the November 19 deadline. For the most up-to-date information, visit and follow the agency on Facebook and Twitter.

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