Nikki Haley Campaigns in Irmo Town Park

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made a stop at Irmo Town Park on Saturday, February 17, as part of her ‘Beast of the Southeast’ bus tour. The former United Nations Ambassador and South Carolina governor aimed to garner more voter attention as she campaigns in the South.

During her visit, Haley addressed several key topics, including:

  1. New Generational Government: Haley expressed the belief that many people consider both Trump and Biden to be too old to effectively handle the job, advocating for a new generational approach to government.

  2. Veteran Support: Supporting veterans was a highlighted topic, emphasizing the importance of backing those who have served in the military.

  3. Budget Adjustments: Haley discussed the need to bring the budget back to pre-COVID-19 levels, addressing the economic impact of the pandemic.

  4. Small Business and Law Enforcement: Haley underscored her commitment to supporting small businesses and law enforcement agencies.

As part of her campaign efforts, Haley engaged with the Irmo Police Department, posing for a photo at the Irmo Town Park. The visit occurred ahead of the South Carolina Republican Primary, where she sought to secure votes for her presidential candidacy.


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