South Dominates North in All-Star Clash: Defense Shines under Coaches Wilson and Crosby

In a thrilling showdown at the annual All-Star Clash, the South emerged victorious over the North, thanks to a stellar defensive performance led by head coach Walt Wilson of Richland Northeast and defensive maestro Corey Crosby of Bamberg-Ehrhardt.

Under the strategic guidance of Coach Wilson, the South successfully held the North to its lowest point total since 2012, showcasing an impressive defensive prowess that left spectators in awe. The South’s defense allowed a mere 138 total yards and forced four turnovers, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to dominance on the field.

BC Lineman Kamden Sox

One of the standout players contributing to the South’s defensive prowess was Kamden Sox from Brookland-Cayce. According to Coach Wilson, Sox, along with other offensive linemen, displayed a level of play that he described as “SEC football.” Their relentless pounding upfront, coupled with a tenacious defensive mindset, played a crucial role in securing the victory for the South.

Coach Wilson spoke highly of his collaboration with Coach Crosby, emphasizing Crosby’s reputation as a great head coach with a strong defensive focus. Reflecting on their past battles when Wilson was at Calhoun County, he acknowledged Crosby’s consistently defensively sound teams. Wilson noted that Crosby’s coaching style resonates with the players, creating an environment where they love to compete and excel.

“Coach Crosby, first of all, is a great head coach,” said Wilson. “You know that his teams are always defensively sound. We battled a lot when I was at Calhoun County, and he had Bamberg, and they’re always defensively sound. The kids love playing for him. That was just a great deal.”

Photos by Thomas Grant Jr. – Richland Northeast head coach Walt Wilson with the South players.