Local donations supports students in need

Community gifts to the Lexington One Educational Foundation will impact Lexington County School District One students.

The River Bluff High School Gator Nation Booster Club held a summer golf tournament fundraiser and donated half of the proceeds to the Lexington One Educational Foundation in an effort to assist students in need. RBHS Gator Nation’s first Swamp Classic Golf Tournament was held at Golden Hills Golf & Country Club June 22. RBHS Gator Nation then presented a $5,561.20 check to the Educational Foundation to support the Caring Heart Fund.

Earlier in the summer the Lexington County Bar Association members held a month-long fundraising drive to benefit the Lexington One Educational Foundation. Efforts resulted in a kind donation of $3,500 that was also directed to the Educational Foundation’s Caring Heart Fund.

The donations will help Lexington District One families in need in a variety of ways. District social workers will use the Caring Heart Funds to buy groceries for families who are struggling to support themselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are extremely thankful to the leaders of RBHS Gator Nation and the Lexington County Bar Association for their most generous donations to help our students and their families who are struggling,” said Julie Washburn, Executive Director for the Lexington County School District One Educational Foundation. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we anticipate needs to increase. Gifts like these are very important in enabling the Lexington One Educational Foundation to continue to assist our students.”

To learn more about the foundation and how to give, visit: www.lexington1.net/educationalfoundation.

Photo: Lexington County Bar Association leaders who attended the check presentation included current association President Katherine G. Gettys of Gettys Law Firm LLC; President-Elect Anna Williams of Williams, Stitely & Brink; Secretary Derrick Mobley of Derrick E. Mobley LLC; and Tiffany Burkett of Burkett Law Firm LLC.