Amazon Now Funding Computer Science Education for 17 Elementary Schools in Lexington County School District One

Lexington County School District One is now part of Amazon Future Engineer’s expansion to more than 500,000 elementary students nationwide

Funding from Amazon Future Engineer delivers teacher professional development and curriculum from BootUp PD, a nonprofit professional development provider specializing in high-quality computer science concepts, practices, and standards for elementary teachers and students

Amazon Future Engineer aims to bring high-quality computer science access to students from underserved communities and groups currently underrepresented in tech – from childhood to career


Amazon and Lexington County School District One today announced that Amazon is funding computer science education and teacher professional development for 17 elementary schools in the district, impacting more than 12,000 students, many from underserved communities and groups currently underrepresented in tech, as part of its Amazon Future Engineer program. Lexington One is now part of Amazon Future Engineer’s target to bring computer science to 500,000 elementary students by 2025.

Amazon is working with BootUp PD, a nonprofit professional development provider, specializing in elementary school education, to bring computer science to each school. BootUp PD’s typically in-person PD sessions adapt well to a virtual model and provide teachers with the tools they need to bring engaging coding lessons to their students both on-screen and in-person. High-quality computer science education for elementary school students during their school day is a critical piece of Amazon’s “childhood to career” approach because it helps address skill gaps at an age when students are just beginning to formulate ideas about their futures.

Lexington One Superintendent Dr. Gerrita Postlewait said, “Being selected to be part of Amazon Future Engineer’s expansion positions our district to assist students to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology around them. Learning to code supports problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. It can also provide confidence to students when dealing with complex, open-ended problems, and persistence in the face of challenges. This partnership will help us create consistent learning across all of our elementary schools.”

“Amazon Future Engineer is thrilled to hear how teachers continue to go above and beyond to reach young students and pique their interest in computer science,” said Victor Reinoso, Global Director of Amazon’s philanthropic education initiatives. “We are committed to offering high-quality curriculum, professional development, and benefits to support educators as they help their students build life-changing skills that leverage computer science and coding to bring their dreams to life, no matter what career they choose to pursue.”

“This is the first ongoing national sponsorship focused on implementing sustainable computer science education that is available to all students district-wide,” said BootUp’s Chief Executive Officer Savita Raj. “We prepare educators and support districts in building long term programs that provide access to computer science opportunities for all students. Through this partnership, we will build a community of curious, innovative, thoughtful learners who are ready to most brilliantly impact our futures.”

Amazon’s commitment to Lexington One is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to increase access to computer science/STEM education across the country, primarily through Amazon Future Engineer. In addition, Amazon has donated more than $20 million to organizations that promote computer science/STEM education. Already in South Carolina, there are 88 schools participating in the Amazon Future Engineer program.

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