Congaree sets firefly viewing event

Congaree National Park has announced the eagerly awaited dates for the 2024 Synchronized Firefly Viewing Event. Scheduled to take place from May 16th to May 25th, this annual spectacle promises mesmerizing displays of synchronized fireflies illuminating the park’s natural landscape. To manage the event effectively, passes will be required for entry on event nights and will be distributed through a lottery system facilitated by

Superintendent Greg Hauburger expressed enthusiasm for the event, noting, “This is the seventh year for this iconic park event. The special natural light show continues to grow in popularity, drawing people from across the nation to the park to witness firefly synchronization, demonstrating why places like Congaree are vital for preserving such unique natural phenomena for future generations to experience and enjoy.”

The pass lottery will commence at 10 am on April 4th and will remain open for one week until April 10th. Entries must be submitted through the online lottery page at, with a limit of one entry per household. A non-refundable service fee of $1 will be charged to all lottery applicants. Successful pass recipients will be required to pay the remaining $24 event fee to secure their pass, totaling $25. Each event night will accommodate a maximum of 145 passes, and all lottery applicants will be notified of their status by April 16th.

Passes will grant admission to one passenger vehicle with up to 2 axles and a maximum of 8 passengers, fitting into a standard parking space. Certain vehicle types, such as RVs, trailers, and large passenger vans, will not be admitted. Gates on event nights will open for pass holders at 7 pm and close for entry at 8:30 pm.

To facilitate event preparations and protect critical firefly habitat, specific areas of the park will be closed to all visitors daily at 4:30 pm from May 16th to May 25th. This includes the Harry Hampton Visitor Center, boardwalk, frontcountry hiking trails, Bannister Bridge Canoe Launch, Cedar Creek between Bannister Bridge and South Cedar Creek Canoe Launch, andSports, FishingCongaree National Park, Fireflies Longleaf and Bluff Campgrounds. No backcountry camping permits will be issued during the viewing event period.

For further details on park hours of operation, access during the event, area closures, and other pertinent information, visit the park’s official website. Stay updated on the synchronized fireflies event at Congaree by visiting

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