George Bryan Golf: PGA Golf Show Preview

George Bryan Golf

Brad Frick, Jared Beard, John Brock, Chase Butler, Phil Canders, Rob Thames, Mike Ramsey, Ken Taylor, Ishaan Vasudeva, Doug Brown and myself traveled together to the annual PGA Merchandising Show this past week and had a blast.

This show is quite amazing but what strikes me first is how the atmosphere causes childlike enthusiasm to ooze out of us all. Over a million square feet of golf merchandise filled with every imaginable golf product displayed, and available to handle or hit, is simply overwhelming.

What I enjoy most is the airborne contiguous fun and excitement. I have met and had conversations in the past with Bryon Nelson, Peggie Kirk Bell and LPGA Hall of Fame member Kathy Whitworth. It’s truly a spectacular golf event and this years highlight if I had to narrow it down to a brief summary it would be conversations with the greatest players in the world, and one World Golf hall of fame member.

Lauren Stephenson stopped by our Tsunami Bar Sports booth as did Mi Yung Li, both LPGA Tour members as did William McGirt, Scott McCarron, PGA & Senior PGA Tour players.

Maggie Will, and Hollis Stacy both stopped by for conversations and your assignment is to look both of these players up and be prepared for next weeks article. My editor and boss have given me the opportunity to focus on LPGA Tour, specifically the Hall of Fame and since we have a local rookie and veteran kicking off their season in a couple of weeks the readings better if there is some background. Lauren Stephenson, a Lexington High School graduate makes her rookie professional debut as an LPGA Member in Australia while Mi Yung Li, in her 8th year, also kicks off her year “down under.”

The LPGA is the most difficult hall of fame in sports to enter and my focus will be on this topic next week so tune in for facts, and comments that certainly have me intrigued.

This week on the ICRC Winter Youth Golf Tour Ponderosa Country Club hosted Huckaby and Associates Division 4 which is the Girls competitive Bella Bernagozzie finished first, Meredith Price second, Alexis Hodge Third, Mia Andrade fourth Jenne Taylor fifth. The Spur at Northwoods hosted the Palmetto Smiles and Peds and Family Dentistry Division 6 and Taylor Thomas was medalist with a 38.

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