Golf Tips: Summer

There is much to report in Local Golf as summer nears its end. We have numerous local youths who have earned their way onto the SCJGA Hootie Summer Series All-Star team. We also are featuring an eight-year-old who lives in Irmo this week.

Congratulations to the following players for earning their way onto the Tri-County Chapter of the SCJGA All Stars: Madden Grace Butler Girls (7-9) Grace Shelly (Girls 10-12) and the Girls 13-18 Charli Heaton, Brooke Burgess, Benedicta Pollard; Henry McNeice, Hudson Ellerbee, (Boys 7-9) Cooper Raley, Luke Caughman( Boys 10-12) Jackson Penney, Trust Winters, Grant Kaufman (boys 13-14) and in the Boys 15-18 William Hobby, Vinny Esposito, and Owen Myllykangas.

The group all earned their way on for there was no voting, or selection committee. Through participation, performance and the scores recorded the team was established. It was a true test of skill. Performance was measured over 8 weeks and each week players would earn points based on their performance. Congratulations to these young golfers for their sustained effort,

Commitment and performance.
Speaking of outstanding performance, congratulations to Harrison James for his 8th-place finish at the SCJGA Beth Daniel in Charleston.

Now for our fun golf focus and feature. Triston Hodge, an eight-year-old, who lives in Irmo earned a place in the Drive Chip and Putt Regionals. The event will be conducted at Fort Jackson this upcoming August 26th. This competition is really special because it breaks the game down into parts and is a process-based competition. The title quickly describes what the event is all about and for a closer look, along with a fun morning of golf entertainment visit Fort Jackson on the morning of the 26th.

Pictured are Mandy, Tristen, and David Hodge.

Here is what 8-year-old Triston Hodge said he likes best about the game, I like playing with people. I like playing with friends and I think it’s really fun when my dad is my caddy.”
His mom, Mandy Hodge had this to say, “Triston has had a very special passion for the game since he was little. We have never forced him to play. When he gets home from school and most of the time all he wants to do is play golf. He either is playing or watching golf on TV and it’s 24/7.”

His dad, David had this comment, “since he was three years old, he’s loved golf. I love the game and it’s great for both of us.”

Golf is one of the few sports that the family can share and participate in together for life.
Each of the local recreation entities, including Irmo- Chapin, Lexington County Recreation, & Aging, and Richland County offer golf this Fall and Winter. LinRick and a brand new facility, TBA will host special Family Junior programming.

LinRick is the only County owned golf course in the Midlands.

The Family-Junior formats feature, families learning while playing on the actual playing field of golf. There is an advanced Saturday morning program for those who have taken the first Family Junior Level 1 or who have advanced golf skills. The Family-Junior format for this brand new to golf is held Sunday afternoon.

For more, contact 803-603-1718 or and when you land, See Top Left icon menu button, press, and click on “Athletics”, which is one of the drop-down list of options.

From Athletics, see the last paragraph, last “click here” option. When click, see the final “Family Golf” option to register.

Pictured are Mandy, Tristen, and David Hodge.

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