By Ellen Coffey

What a beautiful morning. I’m thankful to have lived a dream more than a decade past retirement age still enjoying my drive to the office every day. They say “find a job you like and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Amen!

Many folks are searching for a job like that.

So, if you’ve exhausted your rainy day funds, maxed your credit cards and your boss just cut your hours, you might consider what was formerly called ‘moonlighting’.

Today it’s called a ‘SideHustle’.

Seems the costs of doing business, keeping qualified help, trying to stay healthy, all while  managing a household,  is stressful enough.

Last week we introduced ‘Side Hustle’. Today we‘ll continue part II. After discharge from the
Military, we settled into a home, got civilian jobs, then persued our new hobby, recycling and reselling. After we rented a cinderblock building on Meeting street, next to the What a Burger, we were basically broke. In fact, so broke we had no money for utilities.

Then a miracle happened. A little Angel lady came through our front door swinging some house keys around her index finger. “I heard you buy stuff?”

“Yes Mam, what are you selling?”She took a deep breath. “ Well, I’ve already got what I want in my car.
I sold my house and property, next to the West Columbia Post office. It’s going to be torn down.

“What’s  in the house?”

“Everything! Drapes, furniture, double porcelain sink. Claw foot bathtub, light fixtures, solid wood doors, glass door knobs and even an aquarium fish and all. The deal includes boxes stored in the shed out back as well.”

How much? “Oh, $50.00 will do fine. The funds from the house sale should be in the bank soon. Hubby, Ben, winked at me, took a puff off his cigarette, looked in his wallet and pulled out a faded folded bill! As Grandma Hattie would say “Seed Money”.

Another miracle?

Whoo Hooo! Seems the lady’s son flew into town,  bought her a  condo in a gated community and told her to leave everything in the old place and start fresh. Of course, we made the deal! Our neighbors, James and Marie volunteered to help us move our new inventory into the store. The four of us made
made no small hustle that entire day!

We sat on the floor, after dark, using flashlights to unpack stuff. It was exciting. It felt like Christmas, that is until several Police cars pulled up. We stood there, with hands in the air, while we were questioned.  We all had a good laugh after we explained.

“Get those lights on kids” one officer cautioned, as he was leaving. After that purchase, our building was adequately stocked for a while. In fact, we would soon discover our business needed regular business hours. In the future, we would come to rely on ‘pickers’ to help sustain our inventory.

All I can add to our story is, if ‘you need a ‘Side Hustle’  be sure you love it! Seriously, your entire future
could be in it, Y’all.