Lake Murray begins return to normal

SCE&G, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy, will begin refilling Lake Murray as the scheduled drawdown period ends. Starting this Friday, February 1, the lake level will slowly rise and is expected to return to its normal elevation of 358 feet by spring.

“With the amount of rainfall we had over the last two months, combined with periods of freezing temperatures, we were successful in accomplishing our goals for this drawdown,” said Jim Landreth, vice president of Fossil and Hydro Plant Operations. “The freezing temperatures helped reduce the presence and retard the growth of the nuisance aquatic vegetation and the heavy rainfall helped scour the shallow coves. While our goal is to return the lake to the 358-foot elevation range as soon as possible, timing will depend on the weather. We want everyone living and working around the lake to be aware of rising water levels and take the necessary safety precautions.”

Lake Murray was lowered to an elevation near the 350-foot range to protect the long-term water quality of the lake. As a secondary benefit to periodic drawdowns, residents and businesses have an opportunity to perform necessary dock repairs or shoreline improvements. For more information, call SCE&G Lake Management at 803-217-9221.

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