Lexington Two selected for eLearning program

Lexington Two has been approved to use eLearning days for school make-up days, one of 10 additional districts approved to participate in the 2019-20 school year, the Education Oversight Committee announced this month.

A total of 15 districts will now be part of the program, the committee said. That includes the new districts — Lexington Two, plus Anderson 1, Anderson 2, Anderson 3, Berkeley, Florence 1, Georgetown, Lexington 3, York 2 and York 3 — as well as Anderson 5, Kershaw, Pickens, Spartanburg 1 and Spartanburg 7, the five original districts to pilot the program when it launched in 2018-19.

eLearning allows districts to continue lessons at home when classes on regularly scheduled school days are cancelled, as in the case of inclement weather. Students will communicate with teachers and have classwork to complete and turn in during eLearning days.

“We’re excited to be part of eLearning,” said Lexington Two Superintendent Dr. William B. James Jr. “This program will provide continuous learning for our students, on days when school might be cancelled unexpectedly for weather. We also hope it will be less disruptive for families, since we won’t have to adjust the district calendar to make up missed days.”

For the 2019-20 school year, first-year districts will provide support and assistance to the 10 newest districts as they launch their programs, the Education Oversight Committee said. Lexington Two’s partner district will be Anderson 5. The oversight committee also will work with SC ETV, State Library, and the S.C. Department of Education to provide resources and support.

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