Mimosa Garden Club celebrating its 85th anniversary

Mimosa Garden Club is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. The club was organized and federated in 1938.

In celebration of their anniversary David Stoudenmire, President of the Garden Club of South Carolina was a special guest speaker at a recent meeting.

Stoudenmire congratulated the club on its anniversary and spoke of the legacy many garden clubs leave, particularly the Memorial Garden located on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion Complex. The garden is owned by the Garden Club of South Carolina and is the first living memorial in the United States created to honor World War II veterans.

It was designed by garden architect Loutrel Briggs, known for many of his Charleston garden designs. Improvements to the Memorial Garden and the construction of a permanent handicap-accessible ramp are part of Stoudenmire’s theme as state president.

Also attending the celebration was John Wells, Sesquicentennial State Park Manager. Mimosa Garden Club has participated with improvements and beautification projects at the park for several years. He thanked the club for its continued support and gave examples of ways the park serves the community.

In addition to the 23 Mimosa Cub members in attendance, honored guests included six past presidents of the club; David Stoudenmire and John Wells; Becky Fairey, West Sandhills District Director; and Cicely Jenkins, President of the Garden Council of Greater Columbia. President Joyce Pundt presided over the meeting and congratulated current members for continuing the legacy of the Mimosa Garden Club and for recognizing its past, present, and future. A congratulatory letter from Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann and a special mimosa toast were included in the celebration.

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