Mungo Homes Foundation Strengthens Community Ties through Support for EmmanuWheel

In a display of generosity, the Mungo Homes Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to making a positive impact in the community during its 3rd Annual Week of Giving. One of the notable partnerships highlighted during this week was the continued support for EmmanuWheel, an organization dedicated to providing wheelchair ramps for those in need.

EmmanuWheel’s mission revolves around creating accessibility for mobility-impaired individuals who face financial barriers to obtaining necessary ramps. The Mungo Homes Foundation, as part of its ongoing relationship with EmmanuWheel, not only contributed to the cause by building two ramps but also presented a substantial check of $15,000 to Chris Sharpe, the Executive Director of EmmanuWheel.

Josh Miller, Mungo Homes Foundation Board Member and Columbia Purchasing Manager, expressed the Foundation’s enthusiasm for their collaboration with EmmanuWheel. “We love our involvement with EmmanuWheel. We have the resources to provide materials and the expertise to make quick work of building a ramp. Team Members are always quick to sign up for the limited spots we have when it’s time to prepare for an upcoming build.”

The 3rd Annual Week of Giving, held from December 4 to 8 across all nine markets where Mungo builds, showcased the foundation’s dedication to making a meaningful impact. As part of their longstanding tradition of holiday giving, Mungo Homes Foundation facilitated check presentations to various recipients. The organizations and individuals were nominated by local Mungo Team Members and selected by each local Mungo Homes Foundation Board of Advisors based on qualifying criteria.

Mungo Homes Foundation’s commitment to community service and empowerment echoes through their mission “To serve so that others are empowered to thrive.” The collaboration with EmmanuWheel exemplifies their belief in utilizing resources and expertise to address critical needs and enhance the lives of those facing challenges in their community.


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