Republican Candidate Zoe Warren Proposes Resolution to Tighten Restrictions on Obscene Materials in SC Libraries

COLUMBIA, SC – Zoe Warren, Republican conservative candidate for South Carolina Senate District 23, has introduced a resolution aimed at tightening restrictions on the distribution of obscene materials in South Carolina school and public libraries. Presented to the Lexington County Republican Party (LCRP), the resolution received unanimous approval at the organization’s March 4 regular monthly meeting.

Drawing from the principles outlined in the SC GOP platform, Warren’s resolution condemns the publication and consumption of obscene, pornographic, or sexually violent material, considering them major contributors to moral decay. The resolution aligns with the SC GOP’s belief that obscenity and pornography, as defined by state law, are not protected under the First Amendment and should be prohibited from distribution.

Citing alleged harmful effects to minors, including low self-esteem, increased sexual activity at younger ages, and encouragement of risky sexual behaviors, the resolution underscores the dangers posed by pornographic materials. It further emphasizes the promotion of sexual violence, child sexual abuse, prostitution, and sex trafficking in certain pornographic content, reflecting growing concerns about sexual trafficking of children worldwide.

Highlighting a provision in the SC Code of Laws that exempts school and public libraries from charges related to the distribution of obscene materials, the resolution calls for the removal of this exemption. It urges action from state officials, including the Governor, legislators, Attorney General, Superintendent of Education, and County/Municipal officials, to address the perceived harm inflicted on the future of the state’s children.

The LCRP plans to forward the approved resolution to key stakeholders, including the South Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee, Gov. Henry McMaster, State House Speaker, Majority Leader, State Senate President, Majority Leader, and the Lexington County State Legislative delegation.

Warren, a prominent member and leader of the Lexington County GOP, describes herself as a Christian, documentary filmmaker, and military veteran. She seeks to represent South Carolina Senate District 23, currently held by Sen. Katrina Shealy, in the upcoming elections.

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