SCDOT Honors Secretary Christy Hall with Interchange Dedication

The South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Commission has bestowed a significant honor upon Secretary Christy Hall by dedicating the interchange of I-20 and I-26 in Columbia as the “Secretary Christy A. Hall P.E. Interchange.” This tribute comes as Secretary Hall prepares for retirement from her distinguished career at SCDOT.

Chair of the SCDOT Commission, Pamela Christopher, expressed the Commission’s unanimous decision, stating, “We couldn’t think of a more perfect honor – this interchange is at the heart of our state, connecting South Carolinians together – in the same way that Secretary Hall’s thirty years of service and legacy will continue to serve the people here.”

Secretary Hall, P.E., responded with humility, saying, “I am humbled that the Commission would choose this interchange to dedicate to me.” She acknowledged the significance of the project, highlighting its status as one of the largest undertakings in SCDOT’s history. Under her leadership, the agency has made substantial strides in improving transportation infrastructure and enhancing the lives of South Carolinians.

The signs commemorating Secretary Hall’s dedication to public service have already been installed at the intersection of I-26 and I-20, marking a symbolic gesture of appreciation for her tireless commitment to the state. The Carolina Crossroads project, which includes the newly named interchange, stands as a testament to Secretary Hall’s enduring legacy and the transformative impact of her leadership.

For more information about the Carolina Crossroads project, visit the project’s website.

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