Talented Student Shines Bright

Isabella Fryer, a remarkable student at River Bluff High School (RBHS), has emerged as a shining star in the National Chinese Speech Contest, held in May 2023. Isabella’s journey to this outstanding achievement began in February 2023, when she successfully navigated the initial selection process, securing her place as South Carolina’s sole representative in the national finals.

Isabella’s resolute dedication, coupled with her exceptional language skills, propelled her through the national finals held in April 2023. Going head-to-head against formidable competition, she demonstrated unwavering determination and exceeded all expectations, earning her the esteemed Outstanding Achievement Medal. This prestigious recognition underscores Isabella’s commitment to excellence and her ability to stand out on a national platform.

Isabella’s victory is not only a significant personal milestone but also a testament to the high standards of education and unwavering dedication upheld by RBHS’s Chinese Program and District WL standards. Her achievement sets a benchmark for the school’s commitment to fostering academic excellence.

Isabella’s achievement serves as an inspiration to her peers and future students, highlighting the power of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to academic pursuits. As a talented and dedicated student, Isabella Fryer has not only carved a place for herself in the annals of RBHS’s history but has also illuminated the path for others to follow.

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