Hattie’s View: Spring is not here yet

By Ellen Coffey

Our Azalea bushes are budding and our Camellias are pretty this year. Spring may be around the corner, but spring is not here yet – however my pear tree thinks it is. Why is it that it’s loaded so early with delicate blossoms, which will become pears, if March winds delay just a bit. 

One good puff of wind and the future pears will turn loose and float hither and yon leaving my yard looking like a dogwood winter snowfall. 

The same thing happened year before last. If you know anything about pear trees you know they really only produce an abundant crop of pears every other year. 

Last year our tree yielded only a pear ‘trinity’ 

One low hanging branch managed to protect three little blossoms against the March winds.

From a healthy thirty foot tree only three pears would survive.  

Those three pears grew to be huge and perfect. So perfect in fact that I took pictures showing their rich gold color with just a touch of blush. They were firm, delicious and sweet. 

Last year Easter was early. This year Easter is late. What’s that got to do with anything? 

Well most of us who enjoy our flowers and flower gardens, wish for blooming flowers and Easter to arrive simultaneously. 

That’s what Easter and spring are actually about.. New life. Clean, fresh new beginnings.

That’s also a good reason to begin spring cleaning. Raising windows, fresh air, deep cleaning, preparing the ground for a vegetable garden, packing away blankets, and winter clothing etc. 

That amounts to boxing and storing winter clothes and bringing out Summer favorites and making much needed donations.

Of course it’s time to file those dreaded tax returns.  April usually brings spring flowers and warm sunny days.  

But no need to get ahead of ourselves. Spring is not here yet. For goodness sakes don’t pack your jackets and sweaters. 

We still have the unpredictable month of March ahead, Y’all 

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