Lexington County Museum Invites You to Step Back in Time at the 27th Annual Christmas Open House

The Lexington County Museum is set to transport visitors to a bygone era at its 27th Annual Christmas Open House on Sunday, December 10, from 1 to 4 pm. This enchanting event invites guests to immerse themselves in the Christmas traditions of the past within the historical ambiance of the museum’s 6.5-acre complex.

As part of the festivities, most of the 30 historic structures on the museum grounds will be open, adorned with period 19th-century Christmas decorations. This free-to-the-public event promises an authentic experience, allowing visitors to witness the charm and simplicity of Christmas celebrations from yesteryears.

The Christmas Open House will feature various engaging activities, including a blacksmith demonstrating his craft and a captivating 19th-century cooking demonstration held in a meticulously restored 1830 kitchen. In addition, there will be singing in the ca. 1832 John Fox House, providing a melodic backdrop to the festive atmosphere.

Attendees can look forward to a soap-making demonstration, adding an extra touch of historical charm to the event. Light refreshments, including hot apple cider and gingerbread, will be served, creating a warm and inviting environment for all.

The Lexington County Museum, located at 231 Fox Street in downtown Lexington, serves as a captivating window into the county’s history from the colonial period to the Civil War. Founded in 1970, the museum interprets everyday life in Lexington County through its collection of historic structures and locally-made artifacts, ranging from furniture and textiles to weapons and pottery.

This Christmas Open House not only offers a delightful holiday experience but also provides an opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into the rich history of Lexington County. For more information, contact the museum at 803-359-8369 or visit www.lexingtoncounymuseum.org. Step into the past and create cherished memories this holiday season! 

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