Mungo Homes Foundation Surprises Reconciliation Ministries with $30,000 Donation for Week of Giving

In a kickoff to their 3rd Annual Week of Giving, the Mungo Homes Foundation orchestrated a surprise donation of $30,000 to Reconciliation Ministries on December 4. The unsuspecting recipients, Lucky Dettie and Ashley Arrington of Reconciliation Ministries were delighted during what they believed to be a coffee-serving event at the Mungo Homes company headquarters in Irmo.

The surprise unfolded as Mungo Team Members presented a check for $30,000 to support the impactful work carried out by Reconciliation Ministries. Ashley Arrington, the Executive Director of Reconciliation Ministries, expressed gratitude, highlighting the significance of having a place to live and the organization’s vision for community development.

At the presentation, Lead Pastor and Director of Operations, Lucky Dettie, echoed the sentiments, acknowledging the importance of Mungo Homes’ contribution to impacting the lives of the men served by Reconciliation Ministries. The surprise donation added a touch of hope and encouragement to the organization’s mission.

The Week of Giving, taking place from December 4 to 8 across all nine markets where Mungo builds, is a testament to the company’s commitment to community service. During this annual event, the Mungo Homes Foundation coordinates check presentations while Team Members engage in volunteer hours, embodying the foundation’s mission “To serve so that others are empowered to thrive.”

The Mungo Homes Foundation, established in 2021, is dedicated to enhancing the communities where Mungo builds by providing support in various areas, including economic, educational, health, housing, and emergency hardship. The foundation channels a portion of each home sale to invest in the local community of that home.

Charitable organizations are considered by invitation only, reflecting Mungo Homes Foundation’s strategic and community-focused approach to philanthropy. The surprise donation to Reconciliation Ministries exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve.

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