Midlands Light Opera Society Presents Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Patience”

Get ready for a delightful performance as the Midlands Light Opera Society brings Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta “Patience” to the stage from February 1 to 4.

The story revolves around a chorus of lovesick maidens enchanted by the aesthetic poet Reginal Bunthorne (Roddey Smith). This infatuation causes a stir among the Dragoon Guards, who were engaged to the same maidens just last year. Bunthorne’s heart, however, belongs to the village milkmaid, Patience (Maria Beery), who grapples with distinguishing true love from indigestion. The arrival of a second poet, Archibald Grosvenor (Davis Herndon), Patience’s childhood friend, adds to the chaos.

The cast features a talented lineup, including lovesick maidens led by Lady Angela (Julie Lumpkin), Lady Jane (Evelyn Clary), Lady Saphyr (Abigail Greer Arcomona), and Lady Ella (Felicia Torres). The Dragoon Guards, led by Colonel Caverly (Abraham Hardy), Major Murgatroyd (Ben Palmer), and the Duke of Dunstable (Nikki Anderson), add to the comedic twists. The production showcases a diverse and all-ages cast, allowing parents and children to share the stage for the first time.

Michael T. Brown, the artistic director, expressed his love for this Gilbert and Sullivan classic, highlighting its relevance to fan culture and fandoms even in today’s context. Evelyn Clary, the managing director, emphasized the community aspect of the production, celebrating the collaboration of professional performers and newcomers on stage.

Directed by Clary and Smith, with musical direction by Brown and choreography by Leighton Mount, the show promises a joyous experience. Performances will take place at First Christian Church on February 1-3 at 7:30 pm and February 4 at 3 pm.

General admission tickets are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door with cash or check. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit Midlands Light Opera Society on Facebook. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Patience”!”

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