Sophia the Science Girl

In Pelion Sophia Rayne Beasley steals the hearts and blows the minds of its residents. Sophia’s parents knew from a young age that she was gifted.

“Sophia’s vocabulary has always been amazing,” says her mother Cheyenne Beasley. “At age 2 her daddy asked her if she wanted her toy rhino; she told him that it wasn’t a rhino it was a rhinoceros.”

Sophia, now at the age of six, has expanded her vocabulary to more than 450 words. At the age of four she was turned away from preschool. The school system telling her that it would be strictly socialization and to wait to put her in 5k the following fall. Sophia went into 5k with a thirst for knowledge so much in fact she finished her curriculum in November. It was clear that she needed a school to keep up with her.

Sophia’s parents agreed that homeschool was the best course of action. In the spring, she started homeschool. She has advanced quickly and is now at a second grade language arts and reading, third grade science, third grade social studies and fourth grade math; she is projected to graduate high school at the age of ten.

“Sophia takes her learning very seriously,” says her father, Jesse Beasley. “She loves to learn and help children around her learn as well.” Don’t let her thirst for knowledge intimidate you. This sweet little girl loves to have fun. Her hobbies range from tending to her fish habitats and hanging out with her friends to uploading her latest YouTube video to her channel as Sophia the Science Girl at

Sophia puts her heart into everything she does. Science is her passion. Sophia wants to be a rocket scientist when she grows up. Sophia is trying to expand her YouTube Channel to reach as many family’s as she can. Check out her channel, subscribe, and help her reach that goal.

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