Valet Tech Corner: Property Surveillance

By Matt Belyus
Valet Technologies

We had to break from our A.I. series this week due to an incident in Columbia. There was a shooting in the parking lot of one of our partners. The suspect was shot by the police and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

After the incident ended, the work began on the crime scene as to what had happened and who was involved. We had started a project to replace some bad cameras for the partner a few weeks ago, and one of the new cameras was able to pick up a good amount of what happened. They had an existing camera that could pick up the rest of the incident. Law enforcement officials took several hours reviewing surveillance footage to make sure they had all of the information that they needed. You may think several hours to look at the video is a lot.

We have had to work with law enforcement on several occasions for accidents, fights, theft, injuries, etc., and it never ceases to amaze me the level of detail they take to document everything.

We received a call from the partner the following day for us to come out and meet about expanding camera coverage. We added one camera to the parking lot that day, allowing them to have more detail immediately. We walked the property, determining what additional cameras were needed and how to use existing cameras best. Just because a piece of equipment is older doesn‘t mean it is not still valuable. We can move existing cameras around to keep costs down and greatly expand coverage with only a few new cameras.

Security cameras are a great deterrent to start but can provide so much more value. We have a partner whose surveillance footage saved them millions of dollars in litigation because an accident was no fault of theirs but of a driver leaving their property. We have another partner that uses the camera system to keep his 120-acre facility running, and he does not need to leave his office (saving him several hours a day) and uses his cell phone to remotely view when he gets a call from the office which has kept him from hiring at least one person. The camera system was less than 20k, which paid for itself in less than six months which is an excellent ROI for anyone. An auto shop that uses the camera system to document work performed to each vehicle, which saved them 120K in a recent lawsuit.

Security video is an inexpensive way to document and protect what you have.

Next week we will go back into A.I. in the medical field and some fantastic advances happening now.

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