Voorhees University and Midlands Technical College Opens Voorhees University Education Center

In a significant milestone for education and community partnership, Voorhees University and Midlands Technical College celebrated the grand opening of the Voorhees University Education Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located at 423 College Street in Batesburg-Leesville, SC, the center is established as the Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation at Voorhees University (EPI Center), a national 501(c)(3) organization at the forefront of educator preparation.

The EPI Center, established in 2021, aims to address teacher shortages and enhance diversity within the teacher workforce. Its mission is to provide professional and financial support to teachers, both current and aspiring, fostering equitable student learning outcomes and increasing teacher effectiveness.

Voorhees University President and CEO, Dr. Ronnie Hopkins, and Midlands Technical College President, Dr. Ronald Rhames, formalized their collaboration with a one-year Memorandum of Understanding signed in mid-2023. The building, owned by Midlands Technical College, serves as a collaborative space, allowing Voorhees University to expand educational opportunities.

“The work of the EPI Center continues to grow, addressing teacher shortages and reaching underserved, high-need areas. U.S. Department of Education grants are providing the resources needed to achieve our mission. We are committed to creating equitable student learning outcomes by enhancing teacher effectiveness,” stated Dr. Hopkins during the ceremony.

Dr. Rhames expressed pride in Voorhees University’s extension into areas that need educational support, emphasizing the significance of the shared space in optimizing success and furthering the mission of educating educators.

The EPI Center collaborates closely with K-12 public school districts across the state, including Aiken County Public School District, Charleston County School District, Richland School District, and others. The staff comprises certified South Carolina teachers, National Board-Certified educators, Clinical Faculty Advisors, Academic Coaches, and professionals with extensive classroom and professional experiences in K-16 settings.

Educators and aspiring teachers seeking professional and financial support to advance their careers are encouraged to explore the opportunities provided by the EPI Center. Further information can be found on the EPI Center website.

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